Hmm, it’s louder for certain, but ERG mode is so darn good. They know about these trainers and preemptively increase/decrease the power even before the interval starts, to provide consistent experience for their customers. If this would be true ERG mode should be impossible to use and looking at your review it is not what u have experienced. On peut monter d’autres dentures et d’autres types de cassette en changeant le corps. January 2019 . It works for many, but I and others find that the level setup leads to more pressure on the hands and arms. First is how quickly it responds to the commands of the application. Alright. I suppose you did not open the unit up to compare but just in case… Any chance this XR may be less prone to belt breakage problems? Léo. The second mode the trainer has is ERG mode. I redid the test not using Zwift but using my Garmin Edge 530. I’m still hoping that they will come to their senses and release an update if it’s feasible. my weekly podcast - with GPLAMA, which is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness! You can create a simple workout in Training Peaks and sync it to your garmin or wahoo head unit, and run it from there. Note that none of my other workouts had cadence drops in them, so whatever was unique about this workout or gearing/resistance combination was more challenging. As noted, it has the cassette on it, and it also has all the legs pre-connected. Ebenso hat sich die maximale Leistung des Elite Direto XR auf 2.300 Watt erhöht. And as I am from europe, Zwift tricked my by telling me to go 37 km/h and then do the spindown, That is not working. Power data accuracy: direct-drive trainers are generally speaking more accurate regarding data on your watts. You can send the workout to the garmin device (edge or probably the watch can do it too) and follow it from there. 10 499 kr (Fri frakt) Gå till butik. C. Rear tyre slippage (or better said the lack of slippage): direct-drive trainers don’t slip during sprints or at high power levels with low RPMs. How and where can I get this information (pay)? You can also mix and match and create your own trainer comparison charts with just about any trainer on the market in the aforementioned/linked product database. I’m not too bothered about if the watts are correct or not as long as they are not drastically too low . Thank you for raising this question. People have explained this a million times. Darüber hinaus kann deren Verwendung an weitere Bedingungen des jeweiligen Shops, wie beispielsweise eine Registrierung zu deren Newsletter, geknüpft sein. Maybe the video difference is just due to different recording setup or levels? Hi Alan, No issues with overheating or anything else there. Die Größe des Schwungrads hat sich gegenüber dem bisherigen Direto X um mehr als 20 Prozent erhöht und liegt jetzt bei 5,1 kg. After setup and the normal spin-down calibration, the Suito was measuring about 15-20watts below the Assioma pedals at my typical race levels (250watts/Zwift B group). Elite behauptet, dass der interne Leistungsmesser auf +/- 1,5 Prozent genau ist und dass er bis zu 220 Datenpunkte pro Pedaltritt messen kann. Der DIRETO XR erweitert unsere Auswahl an interaktiven Rollentrainern durch ein Modell, welches noch leistungsfähiger, noch stabiler und noch genauer ist als seine Vorgänger. Kann der Elite Direto bei Einsteigern ins Rollentraining punkten? The next bit is stability. Do u have the latest update on your trainer (Can be checked with the app elite upgrado)? Das Foto zeigt einen mann der auf seinem Mountainbike über Zwift ein Intervalltraining absolviert. As you probably know, apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, SufferFest, Rouvy, Kinomap, and many more all support most of these industry standards, making it easy to use whatever app you’d like. It’s the wrench. In the case of the above workout, it was after doing 90 mins of relatively hard riding. Peter. The easiest ones on the small chain rain are okay-ish, some in the middle as well. The test includes ramps of 30s duration and some intervals as a warm up. I think that the best choice would be the Kickr Core since I am used to a very very basic trainer (those cheap 80€ trainers you can buy on Amazon). The H3 and Direto XR were both out of stock, and the Suito was in stock and I had a 15% coupon. Tks, How it feels is entirely up to the trainer. For example, one thing I noted that’s important in my review is putting your front chainring into the small ring (as every ERG app and trainer company recommends). Though, if you want to use an app to do it, Amazon would work. Thanks. When you are in ERG mode they try to hold the specified power. So, looking at the Direto XR, the simple answer to all of those is: Pretty darn good in most cases. In the fit file later on I got a constant speed. Funny sidenote, I semi-standardized on the Fizik shoes because they matched my road bike frame. Is this as good as it will get? In Zwift you get variability by having the road incline change and by being able to instantly sprint. In any case, the trainer will communicate with any software, Zwift included I have spoken both with Elite and TrainerRoad, there should be some escape route, if the cadence drops below 40rpm the resistance must go to 0 for a couple of seconds until you spin back up. Seems wrong. A few weeks ago I received a BNIB Direto XR in replacement of my Direto X that was irreparable. As I wrote in my previous comment, it is better to test these outside of Trainer Road. The Direto product series has always been the mid-range offering, but with the increases in power, inertia, and ERG mode control – it effectively becomes a freshman college student. 10 290 kr. – Direto XR, 90 kg rider, ride in B-groups during local bunch rides, likes statistics, wants to improve , HI, I just purchased the Direto XR. International. So ist die maximale Wattzahl neu bei 2300 statt wie vorher 2100. I thought of outright adjusting it from scrtch – but when I put the wheel back on, the shifting is fine. When you increase your cadence, at the same resistance level the power increases. Many thx in advance Jan. and maybe even the original / first direto? It’s pretty disappointing so far. One core test I do with all trainers though is responsiveness: How quickly does it respond to ERG mode changes? ELITE: Thanks for the interest. Thanks for the response but I’m not talking about ERG mode; I was just trying to adjust the derailleur. Greetings from Austria. I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. With all those things covered, let’s get into a look at how accurate the trainer is. Thank for your reviews there always so complete. I do think we’ll see it. Er ist günstiger als seine direkten Mitbewerber. This isn’t right. I have found a trick to resolve it, when you start to configure the trainer do it pedaling and also keep pedaling also when your are searching the route and start it. Wenn du eine Spindown-Kalibrierung durchführen möchtest oder musst, ist dies schnell und einfach erledigt und kann während des Fahrens auf Zwift oder über die My E-Training-App von Elite für iOS oder Android durchgeführt werden. Stay tuned. What I’m struggling to find a simple answer to is this: I feel it’s problematic to lock it as most trainers do. First off, nobody actually wants to go up a 24% hill. In Elite’s case, for this specific issue, they are actually correct. Foto zeigt das geringe Packmaß des Elite Rollentrainer Direto XR im Vergleich. You need to change the ‘Trainer Difficulty’ level to 100% in order to feel it (and most people don’t bother to). In any case, it’s basically identical – within 4-8w @ 450w, which is what I’d expect for slight differences in drivetrain. Unser Test liefert überraschende Ergebnisse. In addition to the included 11-speed cassette and ramped up internals, the unit also  increases the flywheel weight as well – from 4.2kg to 5.1kg. We’re talking a difference of on average about 4-5w. Also note, I use a riser block with *every* trainer. the 2070mm is just the proposed dimension. I’m using the Elite XR + Favero Assioma Duo pedals connected to Zwift. Has anyone a clue why the result looks best with the manufacturer’s app used? The reason I do this is a faux proxy that is meant to replace the backward push we experience when riding outside, from wind resistance. I don’t think there’s a single one that’s fine. So before ending the workout unplug in the desired level of resistance Warum ich das so unumwunden sagen kann? – Requires power cable/be plugged in. Which woukd you recommend. PS: Really enjoyed you detailed review of this trainer. As always for ERG mode, I used the smaller ring in the front chainring (as recommended by trainer company and app company, as it helps control flywheel speed). Der Elite Direto XR ist ein leiser und zuverlässiger Smart-Trainer, der ein gutes Fahrgefühl liefert und für eine genaue Leistungsmessung sorgt. Post-ride analysis works best as long as your power meter supports Crash Dynamics. Produktinformation. This resistance is very hard to overcome. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But the point is, on a trainer you’re not doing a 1000 ft climb, you’re doing a zero foot climb. Narrator: This is the moment that AW finds out what 15% hills actually feel like That kinda makes sense because the Suito was new-new, whereas the Direto X was basically just a slightly revamped Direto. – Cassette compatibility of 8 through 12 speed cassettes (adapters required for XD/XDR/NX/Campy) Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web. Muss man dafür Abstriche in der Leistung in Kauf nehmen oder kann der Elite Direto XR mithalten? Einmal eingesteckt, wird der Trainer schnell von Zwift gefunden. My brain can only turn off so much of that. Anyway, I managed to mostly fix it, so it’s mostly good for now. I think upgrading a V1 to this might be a push unless you spend a lot of time in ERG mode. Has their been any update from Elite about the status of their testing to see if it’s possible to update the Direto X (and Direto I hope) firmware with the new algorithm? Direto XR problems with ERG mode. Why does the MyTraining app specify a circumference of 2070 when most documents show that a 700x23c or 700x25c wheel is actually around 2100. In any case, here’s that comparison chart: And again, as always don’t forget you can mix and match your own trainer product comparison tables using the database here. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide and trainers here – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there. Want to compare the features of each product, down to the nitty-gritty? What about when used with other brand trainers? Thank you. Of course, that added power comes at a slight increase in price – now $949, but it now includes the cassette pre-installed, saving you money there. First option and common recommendation is to have the front axle level with the rear axle. Découvrez le nouveau home trainer de Elite, le Direto XR. Le vélo est très stable grâce au poids du home trainer, à la taille des trois pieds, et à la possibilité de régler la hauteur des pieds dans le cas où le plancher ne serait pas parfaitement plat. I’m in the market for a smart trainer, but direct drive is out of my price range right now. Before that, remember to enter as tire size on your Garmin the result of your wheel circumference divided by 12.1. I then change into level mode to be able to start moving the pedals and change back into ERG mode when I’m around the desired wattage.From there everything works as it should. The Direto XR is at 805€ including shipping and the CORE is at 850€ including shipping, a Shimano 105 cassette and the tools. Das ermöglicht es, Pedalanalyse-Daten anzubieten, die den Leistungsmessern von Garmin ziemlich nah kommen. Yeah, I suspect honestly the challenge is that so few people use the pedaling analysis that it’s probably a non-thing. Always use the smaler front chainwheel and a big one on the rear cassette. I have one of the original Direto models. I looking. I’m on the verge of selling the Direto for a H3 because ERG mode is so… marginal. And yes, the power is very accurate, following exactly what the Quarq DZero reports, with the same responsiveness. Imagine a road going up, steeper and steeper. Test: Elite Direto XR - nech žije kráľ. Der Suito sieht nicht nur hochwertiger aus, er fühlt sich auch so an. Thank you Jan for the quick reply. You’re right Plus, you'll be more awesome. I was told to put the performance up to 6 in my myETraining app from Elite. As ever, YMMV and I don’t claim it’s a cure all. Direto XR Moment of Inertia = 19930 kgxmm2 Pre-COVId I would bikr around 300 to 350 k per week and I can avg a bit over 30 kph over 2 hours in flattish conditions, relatively few stops and light wind. Great work, as usual ! For the most part you don’t clear 20% until you get above $1,000. lost 50$ but anyway. Some short rides and riders can get away with no motion. In many European countries when they say ‘Race’ they mean ‘Road Bikes’ (because, logically, most other bikes go on the road like commuter bikes). Keep in mind that TrainerRoad anticipates this delay and starts ramping up(down) the power before the interval starts. This week I’ll ship it back to my LBS and get a new one. So what are the unknowns? Contrary to popular belief, we are not perfectly stable or vertical when riding a bike outside. Der In die gleiche Kerbe schlägt die simulierbare Steigung. I’ve got a question: my MTB has got the boost 148mm standard. So Zwift is strictly about power output, and not the rotational speed of the flywheel? No problem, the product comparison data is constantly updated with new products and new features added to old products! Dont forget to warm up your trainer. Anyway, after calibrating with the app again, it works better. It’s as simple as that. Finally, Elite does have their own app that you can use for a handful of functions, but frankly I had no use for it here at any point in the testing cycle. On the underside of the legs are two feet, in case your floor is wobbly. Probably CORE, unless you want the higher gradient allowance, or don’t want to deal with a cassette/cost of that. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. I also hear some weird sounds but at this point I don’t know if they’re from the shifting, from some other problem, or if it’s to be expected…. You can set it as you like. Durch Plug & Play-Konfiguration schnell startklar. 1) what about the cadence sensor? Yet, despite that, this and the two other power meters are virtually glued together. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? Hopefully, this will get sorted out. All it does is stop sweat for getting places it shouldn't (it also helps with vibrations too). Thank you He didn’t say he’s going faster in Zwift. So I’ve done that a few times as my TT bike is a 10-speed, whereas all my other bikes are 11-speed.

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